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  • Ansicht unseres Vereinsheims von der Landebahn aus in Richtung Norden


  • Ansicht unseres Vereinsheims von der Landebahn aus in Richtung Norden

    Aviation Hangars

  • einmororiges Flugzeug über den Wolken


  • Landeanflug auf Piste 29 aus Sicht des Piloten


Certified Adazi Aerodrome is designed for general aviation flights. You can perform training flights on a/c with MTOW of 5700 kg and Take Off /Landing performance corresponding to the RWYs / aerodrome capabilities. Thanks to its location Adazi Aerodrome offers wide opportunity for observation, private, excursions flights over picturesque seaside of the Gulf of Riga, colorful and captured city of Sigulda known for “Latvian Switzerland” and beautiful capital of Latvia – Riga.

Adazi Aerodrome’s Certificate.

Adazi Aerodrome’s Information.

We offer stands outside, inside common well equipped hangar as well as individual aviation hangars for long- and short-term aircrafts’ storage. Hangar’s dimensions allows to place the aircrafts like C-172, as well as light and ultra light aircrafts. All prices for rent and purchase of stands/hangars are provided upon request.

For your convenience we can offer Office premises fitted for theoretical classes with pilots, preflight briefing and debriefing as well as for all kind of meetings. Office premises equipped with Wi-Fi (free) , mobile connection, as well as with Radio Communications with aircrafts within aerodrome zone.

We can offer places in summer trailer for overnight stops. To book the places for overnight, excursions, aviation fuel (AVGAS) please contact us in advance by phone or E-mail.